Our Team

Our team

Every task is an important one when managing change, a2z consulting and its collaborator team are there to help you strategically connect all the dots! We believe the team you work with is key to successful change process for your business, school district, school or organization.

Who will work with you?

a2z strategic consulting works with a diverse team of consultants. Our consultants embody the values of customized quality customer service, from
a-2-z and are trained and provided you with a customizable bank of strategies and tools in order to guide your organization through the change you envision.
Each of our team are leaders in their fields, from change management, strategic planning, instructional design, curriculum development, special education, management leadership, training, governance, system assessment, financial review, coaching, and training, etc.


Stephanie Vucko
Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Ken Robertson
Senior Consultant
Dr. Zainul Virgi
Governance and Gender, Consultant
Dr. Marian Lothian
Senior Consultant
Serge Béliveau
Senior Education, Consultant
Colleen Bernard
Senior Instructional Designer
Tina Korb
Senior Pedagogical, Consultant
Heather Wright
Communication, Consultant
Julie Turner
Instructional Designer
Veronica Pascarella
Junior Research, Consultant
Manon Monette
Administrative Assistant

Interested in joining our team?

Email your CV, tell us about yourself and your experiences in change management, resource development, training or e-learning.

We would be happy to hear from you.