Frameworks are the back bone of sustainable organizational change and sustainability of change. Frameworks create a model for a way of working and tools to support employees in their approaches. Frameworks create organizational stability during staff turn-over or transitions, in that the systems that were put in place during strategic change movements, are documented and accessible for current and new employees to access and utilize, easily and efficiently.

Curriculum Design

Curriculum design is the larger scope work that governments, and organizations undertake to communicate the competencies required in a particular area.
Our experienced team of Instructional Designers and Subject Matter Experts will work with you to design the horizontal and vertical requirements for a quality, viable curriculum.

Course Development

Designing a course is a complex task. Our team of talented Instructional Designers will work with you to identify the need, formulate the objectives of the course and build out the curriculum required to meet these objectives.

We can build out courses for various forms of delivery:

  • Classroom
  • Adult learning
  • Interest level courses
  • e-learning
  • Webinars

Bring your need to us and let us help you transform that need into a sustainable course that you can use over and over in your organization.

We also offer over 400 courses that can be customized.
The series of a2z-Learn courses are ALL designed with you in mind. These course modules are written in such a way that we can pull key elements from the modules, from several courses, to create a brand new, customized course for you!


Communication practices

We can help you align internal communication practices between departments, projects or external communications, ensuring no one is left out of key information.

Communication plan

a2z has a marketing team who supports the development of your communication needs. From an organization-wide communication plan, to targeted internal and external communication campaigns.

Branding Packages

Whether the public sector, private or non-profit, engaging customer’s employees and clientele in the strategic vision of their organization is so paramount to its success. From thematic orientations in the strategic plan, to graphic visualization, to simple branding of all documents—we guide clients to transform their vision into a living reality in their internal and external communications

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