2017-Present | Strategic Plan and Action Plan, Governance & Structural Readiness | Akwesasne, Ontario, Quebec & New York State

Ahkwesãhsne Mohawk Board of Education (AMBE) is situated in Akwesasne, Ontario/Quebec. AMBE is on a First Nations reserve with a growing population of over 13,000 people. The geography of AMBE is unique. The community is located within two provinces, and countries with facilities in Quebec and the board offices are situated on Cornwall Island, Ontario. a2z had the privilege to work with AMBE and the third-largest Indigenous group in Canada, to build out their first Strategic Plan. a2z worked with multiple Stakeholders from staff, to Trustees, to politicians and community members. We worked directly with the AMBE leadership team and established a steering committee that consulted with their school leadership, Mohawk Council of Akwesasne. Through strategic retreats for the Leadership Team and work with the Board of Trustees, a journey that took over 18 months, identified four priority areas and over 40 targeted outcomes for the next five years. The AMBE has a public strategic plan, detailed action plans for all its departments and schools, and users of the a2z Plan software that allows them to digitally access the outcomes, strategies and tasks within the Strategic Plan while customizing their Performance Measures. At a2z we understand that change needs support and persistence to be effective. Presently the AMBE Strategic Plan is complete, and our consulting work continues with implementation by supporting leadership teams with task breakdown, monitoring and evaluation practices. Business and computer skills training in various areas are also provided based on client needs.

Policy  Administrative Frameworks
Board Terms of Reference Policy Development & Review
Services to Students with Special Needs Identification, Referral, Individualized Education Plans, Services & Accommodations
Preservation of Culture & Language (preservation, revitalization, promotion and protection) Supporting Students with Medical Conditions
Workplace Language & Culture (Specifically addressing the Indigenous Language and Culture) Structural Readiness Review

Quote: Mrs. Donna Lahache, Director of Education