2012-2013 | Curriculum Design: Mapping and Development  | The Cree territories, Qc

a2z did a large-scale school district project to develop local curriculum for teachers in grades 1-6 in 8 subject areas in 4 languages (Cree North, Cree South, English, French).Our team joined the project in year five and took over for a research firm, supporting multiple curriculum writing teams who were stuck. We developed a framework of Yearly, Monthly, Weekly and Daily lesson plans. Designed and delivered training for all teachers in grades 1-6 within six months of taking over the project.

Note: The project continues to this day as High School Curricula are being completed; using the a2z frameworks designed, Cree students, follow a curriculum in each subject area that integrates Cree values and impactful learning strategies. Cree students are taught in Cree North or South dialects, with a common curriculum across the nine communities.

The Cree school board has a succession plan for the turn-over of teachers who have access to the required curriculum. The Cree GVC is aligned with the Quebec Ministry of Education Curriculum and Evaluation requirements.

Results & Deliverables

•Graduation rates have increased from 9% to 42% in 5 years
•Template for daily lesson plans
•2 day-Training across 4 languages
Framework for writing curriculum

22 GVC Cree curricula binders from grades 1-6 with Yearly, Monthly, Weekly plans:
•Cree Northern
•Cree Southern
Français langue second: Immersion
•Mathématiques (Français)

“I cannot tell you how much of a positive, action-oriented catalyst you have been to the innovative GVC process at our Board. You have been invaluable to us in that area. You’ve also had a huge impact, on our senior manager’s professional growth—more than a couple of people have remarked at the obvious evidence of that growth. Thank you!”
Mr. Joe MacNeil, Deputy Director General (retired)