2020 – Present  | French & English language: Strategic Plan, Training and Mentoring | Throughout Quebec

The FNEC is an association based on its 22 member communities’ collective strength to provide quality education to all First Nations children. They Seek to empower their communities through collaborative developments in First Nations education. They also offer services and programs, courses/training, and technical support in the field of information and communications technologies (ICT)  that are available to their member communities. We are working with five selected Northern Indigenous education communities in Quebec to develop strategic plans with FNEC.

This project is still in the launch phase, with the kick-off meeting completed and several training deliveries. We work to support our clients in English and French and provided in three mandated areas:

  1. Online support meetings with 22 principals
  2. Mentoring of individual principals
  3. Mentoring and planning with FNEC pedagogical team
  • The FNEC has identified needs from each its schools to support their stakeholders
  • Framework guides the remaining 17 communities to build their own IT plans
  • FNEC better knows how to build local IT plans that are based on Pedagogical needs
  • Principals will feel confident leading their schools
  • Principals will feel supported by the FNEC services 
  • Principals align their pedagogical practices through concrete school success plans
  • Benchmarking and research scope of the organization 

In Progress:
IT strategic plan
Framework that other communities
Mentoring of FNEC IT team through the IT planning process
Project planning and change management methodology behind the-scene (train-the trainer model) for FNEC consultants
6 Webinars on identified topics to be documents in eLearning format to build an eLearning library for administrators
Monthly meetings with English and French administrators
Mentoring with select administrators