2018 – Present | Governance, Strategic Plan & Action Plan| Laval, Qc

The Cosmodome Foundation enables children who are underprivileged or facing hardships to have access to the Cosmodome’s various programs. Its mission is to develop youngsters’ knowledge of space sciences, scientific literacy and the world of astronautics in a unique and interactive environment. The Foundation is fully supported by the Cosmodome’s employees, making it possible to pass on to the community 95% of the donations. Your support is of the utmost importance, as it will arouse youngsters’ passion for outer space!

a2z worked with the Board of Directors of the Cosmodome Foundation and the management team of the Cosmodome Museum to develop a strategic plan for the organization. This plan focused a lot on relationships at the core of this Foundation and a money-in, money-out model for strategies. Four priority areas emerged and were granularized into goals, outcomes, strategies and tasks. Each strategy has clear KPI, milestones and benchmarks with project charters developed for action planning purposes. We continue to support them in action plan development by using the a2zPlan software of which they are subscribers. Supporting leadership teams with task breakdown, monitoring and evaluation practices. Training on reporting and governance and various skill areas have also been taking place.