2018 |Training and Instructional Design Manuel  | Brockville, On

Reticle has a proven approach to solving ‘wicked problems,’ cultivated and refined over decades of Service in Canada’s first-tier Special Operations unit, can help others in navigating today’s highly ambiguous, networked, and complex global environment.

As Reticle began to expand its operations, a2z was approached to help them document their extensive knowledge using instructional design practices and deep knowledge of adult learning.

a2z Delivered a  Advanced Driver Training Manual at  an  elite and unique securities company. We were able to capture their strategic risk management, training and innovation services, and tailored solutions and create a comprehensive documentation and training manual.

“a2z provided us with exceptional service and we look forward to working with them again. Responding on very short-notice, they were extremely responsive and creative in supporting our project and delivered a superior product to us on time and under-budget.”

Steve Day CEO, Reticle Ventures Canada