Graphic Facilitation

A unique value-added resource for the complex process of envisioning new ways of doing, a2z offers the service of graphic-note taking during key meetings or Board of Director and stakeholder engagements. This will allow you to map out connections between service areas, across sectors, that may not have been visible in a traditional report. The 8-foot panel produced is used at all our meetings to keep all stakeholders focused, and is the clients to keep. An excellent visual communication tool!

a2zPlanTM strategic software

a2zPlan Software is our unique and customizable strategic execution software. It  allows you to bring strategic management habits seamlessly into any action plan. This cloud-based tool takes the complexity of strategic development, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and reporting—and makes it simple.

a2zPlanTM is a cloud-based tool that allows:

  • Your current strategic plan (and any other plans) to be uploaded for easy alignment and revisions;
  • Facilitates tracking towards KPIs;
  • Automatically generates customizable progress reports for internal updates or reporting to Board of Directors
  • Supports task assignment and reporting by managers and employees;
  • Simple, impactful reporting that is visual through dashboard creation and report generating;
  • Fully customizable from language, to reporting objects, etc.
  • a2zPlanTM will help you connect ALL the dots as you continue to implement your strategic vision.


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